Specific system for managing access to recycling centers and municipal parks.

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Access Control to Recycling Centres

ACTAIS Waste is a system specifically designed to manage access control to recycling centres and eco-parks, allowing the managing body to comply with the Community directives on this matter.

The system-user accesses the facility identifying themselves via a citizen card, their own Spanish National Identification Document (DNI), or any other reliable identification mechanism. The system also allows the management of both individuals and companies. In this case, the users assigned to a certain company may identify themselves via a RFID card or via recognition of their license plate.

Following identification at entry point, both individuals and companies indicate, specify via an exterior touch-screen display, what waste and in what amount is going to be deposited in the recycling centre.

The system permits the definition of waste and deposit amounts in the different recycling centres owned by the Council or managing body. The amounts may be expressed in units, weights and volumes. The amounts may be set at a daily maximum for each recycling centre, or for all recycling centres.


The individual identification of the users takes place at the entrance to the recycling centres by placing the card near the ACTAIS Station - a touch-screen display totem - into which the user must enter the waste and amount they are going to deposit. Once the data has been automatically checked, the mechanism allows access and generates entry data registers to provide the company with statistics that will allow it to improve the service. This information is synchronised with a databank.

Once the card has been recognised, the use of the touch screen is very intuitive as the user must follow a menu of icons that will guide them through the different waste groups allowed and the amounts to deposit, before allowing them access, blocked by a barrier or bollard.

Non-identified users can be allowed a limited number of deposits, registering their access via the data they provide, in addition to their vehicle registration number, which is automatically captured.


With ACTAIS Waste, the managing body of the recycling centre can generate statistics of the users who access the facility, in addition to the waste they deposit. Furthermore, facility operators can monitor the data users introduce to access the recycling centre from the ACTAIS Waste Mobile application installed on their mobile.

  • Generate user statistics and waste deposited.
  • Optimise the space of the waste containers.
  • Greater flexibility in waste management.
  • From their mobile, the operator can confirm the data introduced by the user via the touch screen to verify if it is correct and, if not, correct it.

Identification mechanisms

The ACTAIS Waste system user may access the facility using the following:

  • Electronic DNI
  • SmartCard (in Smart Cities)
  • Green Card
  • Card issued by the recycling centre
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Any other user identification method (cadastral reference, etc.)

Components of the ACTAIS Waste system:

ACTAIS Waste FrontOffice

Part of the system on display to the public. The ACTAIS Station display totem avails of a touch screen that shows a simple interface, into which the user must enter the waste to be deposited before accessing the recycling centre.

ACTAIS Waste BackOffice

Application with which the company controls the status of the entire system. Allows the generation of reports, statistics and graphs, the barriers to be controlled, etc.

ACTAIS Waste Mobile

Mobile application allowing the recycling centre operator to verify the data introduced by the user, in addition to controlling the facility’s barriers.

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