Implementation of a pedestrian and vehicular access control system in the central facilities of the Municipal Water Company of Gijon (Asturias).

The project, based on the user identification by card, integrates the use of the increasingly widespread Gijón Citizen Card and includes three areas of the building:

Administrative area.

Comprised of two motorized turnstile gates of special width for disabled people which separate the public attention area and for a total of seven gateways in the different office floors.

In addition, it has been equipped with a manually operated mechanism and integration with fire alarm emergency that automatically opens the doors to facilitate the evacuation in case of emergency.

Personal Garage:

With three pedestrian entrances to the underground parking floor and bidirectional access control.


Divided into a pedestrian control with three doors with bidirectional control, one with scheduling, and a vehicle control.

The latter required the installation of a fast folding door maded of self-extinguishing PVC canvas, a UHF long range antenna for reading passive TAG cards and magnetic induction loops.

The entire system is controlled from the management software ACTAIS (FrontOffice and BackOffice), in addition to the usual functions register/edit/remove company, users, media and authorizations, permits among many other features display real-time status doors (SCADA).

In this project, it has also required the installation of ACTAIS Visitors module for accreditation visits inside the offices.