A workforce management aplication that adds a layer of control over the needs of human resources in an organization.



Workforce management

ACTAIS® WFM (Workforce Management)is the application that adds a layer of control over the needs of human resources in an organization. The clocking in/out of the employee is not required, but ACTAIS® TA module serves as a base.

Defines the coverage of each Department, area, or headquarters, within the organization, i.e., the number of employees who must be present every day, in such a way that the application generates alerts when there is a default.

For example, if an employee is absent for a week and defined coverage is not met, the application will display the status of the Department, the strip of time that does not comply with provisions, and the manager will be able to cover these shifts with another employee (with just two clicks of the mouse).

The application also includes capacity management, which allows you to define which employees are trained to make shifts or replacements in other departments.

This way, if you must cover an employee downward, ACTAIS® WFM will only display available staff who have the skills for that position in the Department. That way, the application makes much easier the departments planning, showing the status of each section - on the selected dates - in a very visual way, and providing simple but powerful tools for its management.


  • HR management time and cost saving.
  • Tool to anticipate the needs of recruitment, in the short and medium term, depending on current human resources and the required coverage.
  • Simplifies and automates most of the personnel management processes.
  • Highly configurable and customizable: applications and optional modules, incidents and justification rules.
  • Multi-level approval tree (changes of shift, holidays, permissions, expenses, etc.)
  • Expansible: employee zone, collective bargaining agreement management, multi-entity.
  • Web tool that can be configured in the customer’s premises or in Cloud format.
  • Mobility options.
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