ACTAIS® Smart Lock

Innovative system that replaces padlocks and all types of conventional mechanical closures by a single intelligent access control system.

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ACTAIS® Smart Lock

ACTAIS® Smart Lock

ACTAIS® SmartLock is an access control system based on electronic locks. The system works without batteries or wires. The locks are triggered, on the conventional mechanical way, by an electronic key.

The Smart Key

The key contains the power source, the access permissions and saves the valid and invalid opening records. These keys are unique and unpalatable. They are reprogrammable being used as user key and can be canceled in case of loss. When the key comes into contact with the electronic lock (without battery), the key transmits power to the lock to activate. The key keeps track of who has logged in (user), when (day, month, year and time) and where (lock).

Closure without batteries

The electronic locks work WITHOUT BATTERIES or wires. This means that the locks do not require maintenance since it is not necessary to change the battery, and makes installation quick and without the need for works.

In contrast to other systems where the locks record the events performed, here the information is stored on the key. For security, the locks also store the last records of opening. This avoids information from having to be gathered lock-by-lock, making for a fast and convenient process.

You can choose between a variety of locks and padlocks of different sizes for all types of applications; cylinders for doors, cabinets, display cabinets or vending machines. Thanks to the quality of their materials, these locks are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

6 Reasons to choose electronic locks

  1. Tired of carrying a bunch of keys? Do not know how many copies of each key are there? Do you feel insecure when you lose a key?
    With the smart key SKL you can open all the accesses in which you have permissions. In case of loss you can cancel all the permissions to cancel the key without replacing the lock.
  2. Do the latches have a battery? Can I place them on the outside?.
    Electronic locks operate WITHOUT BATTERY, do not require maintenance and ensure access at scattered points. They can be installed outdoors. The range of closures is wide, from locks of all types, cylinders for doors and locks for cabinets, vending machines, trucks...
  3. Easy installation.
    The installation of electronic locks does not require a large investment. It is enough to replace the locks without having to perform any type of machining, maintaining the esthetics of the door and saving in time and costs.
  4. Registration of valid and invalid openings. The key picks up the openings and the opening attempts made.
    With the records you can manage the productivity of your workers, prevent theft without vandalism and unauthorized manipulations. Thanks to event logs, there is transparency in the information.
  5. Convenience.
    In other access control systems, at the time of gathering the opening events, a reading of each closure is made, one by one. In the SKL system, the key stores all the information and only needs to download the key information.
  6. Integration with the access control system ACTAIS®.
    With the ACTAIS® Can control the access of people to facilities of any type. It includes the management of barriers, doors, lathes and all kinds of validation terminals. It allows access and presence management by different identification mechanisms (EM125 or Mifare identification card, active RFID, passive RFID, biometric fingerprint, electronic DNI ...).


  • Security: Restrict access to unauthorized persons.
  • Transparency: Always leave a mark wherever you go.
  • Productivity: Create schedules for your employees.
  • Savings: No expenses on batteries, cylinder changes, theft...
  • Adaptability: Solutions for different applications.


  • Manipulations: In loads of trucks, cabinets ...
  • Robbery: Clean robberies, steals that leave no trace.
  • Uncontrol: In keys, unwanted copies.
  • Insecurity: Do not know who accesses, when and where.
  • Unforeseen: Locks blocked by a dead battery.

Smart Key

The key is unique and unthinkable. Concentrates the intelligence of the ACTAIS® system, including power, user authorization and logs of openings and invalid attempts. The key is reprogrammable being used as user key, key programmer of locks and locks, key canceler and audit key.

Electronic Cylinder

The passive action cylinders are fed and unlocked through contact with the key. The communication between the two is established to verify the authorization of openings. The key as the cylinder records the openings made. Simple installation since it would suffice to replace the mechanical cylinder with the electronic one.

Electronic Padlock

Passive action padlocks are fed and unlocked through key contact. Communication between the two is established to verify the authorization of openings. The key as the lock registers the openings made.

Electronic Lock

The passive action locks are fed and unlocked through contact with the key. Communication between the two is established to verify the authorization of openings. The key as the lock registers the openings made. Simple installation since it would suffice to replace the mechanical lock with the electronics.

Reader / Updater - Control Module

Connected via Ethernet to the management software, it remotely updates the keys giving or removing permissions to the users and collects in online mode the traceability of the key.


Connected through the USB port of the PC, it is necessary to be able to realize the programming of the locks, cylinders and padlocks through the key IS02.

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