ACTAIS® Automation

Web platform for remote controling and monitoring of electrical, electronic and computer equipment of rooms, enclosures, stations, buildings and different infrastructures.

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Sistema ACTAIS®

ACTAIS® Automation

Platform for the remote monitoring and control of electrical and electronic equipment and computer rooms, venues, stations, buildings and assorted infrastructures.

Centralises and integrates in a single application the display, programming of tasks and management in real-time of remote devices such as:

  • Automatic doors, turnstiles, roller blinds, barriers and other locking mechanisms
  • Lighting
  • PIR movement sensors, temperature...
  • Switchboards
  • Alarms
  • Others

Removes the need for human intervention in repetitive operations to open and close gates, switching lighting systems on or off etc. while ensuring the centralised supervision of unmanned locations by a single operator. The activation of alerts allows faults to be detected instantly owing to device failure, incomplete tasks or out-of-range values, improving the response time for the solution of problems.

Our control hardware installation enables the development of custom drivers to integrate elements with specific features already installed at the facilities. ACTAIS® Automation, as part of the ACTAIS® system designed for the security and management of facilities, has additional modules for access control, presence control, inspection rounds, waste plants, etc.

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