RailMan Ticketing

Software application for ticketing from ticket office or mobile devices. Own design and development.

RailMan Ticketing

RailMan Ticketing

RailMan® Ticketing, through the various modules that make it up, offers a system for the sale and management of tickets at ticket desks and on board, using the backoffice module for the definition of rail services and rates, along with subsequent query and analysis functions.

Ticket sales module

The ticket sales module can be found in ticket machines at stations or other outlets enabling the sale of different types of tickets in addition to other related operations such as cancellations, validations, data transmission, configuration, etc.

The interface has been designed so that the application also can be used from touch screens, making its use faster and more convenient.

The application offers the possibility of operating with different types of rates and tickets, thus allowing the calculations or requirements of each rate to be customised.

The data on rates, routes, stations etc. is updated automatically from the central database.

Different formats of transport documents are allowed, such as magnetic strip cards or contactless cards.

Through its configuration options, is possible to set up different reading and printing devices for interaction with the ticket and card formats used. Furthermore, it allows integration with external sale or management systems through the use of web services, file transfers, etc. in order to exchange data with such systems. The application has user management functions to keep track of employee shifts who use the application and the operations carried out during each of these shifts.

Backoffice module

This RailMan® Ticketing offers the possibility of consulting and managing the information provided by the ticket sales modules located in the different points of sale once they have transferred the data to the central database.

It enables data queries according to different search criteria or groups:

  • By type of rates
  • By zone, routes or stations
  • By intervals of dates
  • By transport consortiums
  • By users

It also provides statistics of revenue or numbers of passengers, allowing this data to be exported in different formats (Excel, pdf).

RailMan® Ticketing Mobile

RailMan® Ticketing Mobile offers the possibility of selling and inspecting tickets on board.

Operating from a PDA, it allows on board staff to perform different tasks:

  • Sale of various transport tickets
  • Cancellations
  • Validations and inspection of fares
  • Selection of areas and routes
  • Timetables look-up

It also allows the consultation and validation of transportation cards used by different operators using the contactless readers built into the PDA.

For customers with very specific needs, we have carried out development projects with backpacks using non-standard RFID hardware.

The PDA units have a cradle for battery charging and data transfer. Either at the end of the shift (for offline mobile PDAs) or online in real-time, the data stored on the PDA of transactions are transferred automatically to a central database through a RailMan® Ticketing Mobile module, allowing the subsequent consultation and analysis of the transactions using the RailMan® Ticketing backoffice module.

Furthermore, the transfer module also automatically updates the application installed in the PDAs if there is a more recent version and updates all the data on rates, transport vouchers, routes, stations, etc. managed by the application.

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