RailMan Planner

Module for visual and efficient management of human and material resources attributable to transportation services

RailMan Planner

RailMan® Planner

RailMan® Planner allows the efficient visual management of the material and human resources assignable to the existing transport services. This module offers the possibility automatically editing or generating shift allocations both of material and staff, allowing these allocations to be optimised thus improving the use of existing resources.

The services that will be offered can be defined beforehand along with data on the material and staff available to perform them.

In automatic mode, the system searches for multiple combinations of shift allocations to cover the supply of services, adjusting to the conditions and restrictions established in advance.

For the case of allocations of material such restrictions may include, for example, the type and features of machine that can use the tracks and the route that is being planned.

In the case of personnel shifts the parameters to be taken into account include maximum duration of the working day, maximum driving times, rest periods, home stations of the staff where they should start or stop their shifts, etc.

Once the calculation is complete, all the possible solutions obtained can be viewed, selecting the best adapted solution, and adjustment can be made to optimise it.

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