ACTAIS® Survey

Tool to collect and analyze the level of satisfaction of its clients through surveys available in various media.

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ACTAIS® Survey

ACTAIS® Survey

Satisfaction survey

ACTAIS® Survey is a data collecting application that will help you to know the level of satisfaction of your customers.

This tool analyzes, among other aspects, the shopping experience of the user and its valuation of your services and facilities.

The data extracted will allow you to draw conclusions that will help you to develop better market strategies.

General functionality:

Our surveys can be shown in different ways:

  • Totem located on the facilities
  • User mobile devices accessing with QR codes
  • Plugins in websites

Customizing Surveys

Define the questions and the locations where they will be performed.

Consultation of general or particular statistics for each location

Different types of statistics: By type of valuation, by locations, by periods of time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly ...), hourly distributions, etc.

ACTAIS® Survey Backoffice

Personalized consultation of the details of each vote from the ACTAIS® Survey.

Generating alerts for BackOffice users

Users will be able to receive notifications whenever configurable conditions are fulfilled from the BackOffice as the index of satisfaction of a location descends of a set value, each time that evaluations of a certain type are received, etc.


Get conclusions from the data extracted from the surveys.

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