Management tool for controlling employee time & attendance.

Sistema ACTAIS®

ACTAIS® TA: Time & Attendance

Management module for employee timetable control

ACTAIS® TA is a web tool that has resulted from our extensive experience in the world of the attendance control. Companies increasingly need to have and make use of information on hours worked, schedules, delays, absences and staff holidays in a fast and intuitive manner that saves time and allows the company's productivity to be increased.

ACTAIS® TA uses the most common means of identification in attendance control:

  • Biometrics (fingerprint).
  • RFID Cards - Mifare or EM125 proximity tags.
  • Introduction of PIN.

Implementation advantages

The essence of a control system is to optimise the efficiency of the company by streamlining the time dedicated to the management and control of its workers. Among other benefits, ACTAIS® TA allows:

  • Access to the system from any location via its web-based client.
  • Automatic logging and calculation of hours worked, overtime, breaks, justifications, flexible hours, shifts, etc.
  • Streamlining HR management and payroll generation.
  • Improved control of employees: punctuality, absences, workday compliance, etc.
  • Improving the company's productivity.
  • Generating reports and statistics.
  • Complying with the legal obligation in some countries of registering employee work time.
  • Allowing staff to clock in offline mode if the terminal has no connection.
  • Through the use of so-called web terminal, allowing the employee sign from their own computer or mobile device.


ACTAIS® TA has achieved integration with terminals from different manufacturers.

Among the models of available readers, our TA1001 is the most versatile. Its elegant and ergonomic design combines an easy-to-use touch screen, together with state-of-the art fingerprint recognition.

Its 7-inch screen, allows optimal display of the device information, including the quality of image of the fingerprint, the result of the check and the photograph of the user. It also offers verification using RFID cards or PIN, making use of the touch screen, or a combination of either methods.

The terminal connects to the server on which the data is stored via Ethernet (cable or Wi-Fi). The standard communication is performed via TCP/IP port or company WI-FI network, thus achieving real-time monitoring of staff clocking.

Web terminal

Through the use of a terminal, staff can clock-on or off from their own computer or mobile device. This is ideal for companies with multiple permanent or temporary sites (works and projects), eliminating the need for physical terminals.

Employees can easily be consulted on clocking data, requests for justifications, request for leave and holidays.

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