Ecocomputer has been the company in charge of implementing the remote-control system for automatic doors and shutters in stations of Renfe Viajeros.

The current problem of opening and closing the stations (due the lack of staff) is solved with this installation. Doors and shutters are now remote managed and monitored from the CGIC (Management, Information and Control Center).

Ecocomputer has installed ACTAIS® Automation System in the 14 stations covered by the contract: Mieres Puente, Mieres Vasco, Llamaquique, Oviedo, La Corredoria, Lugo de Llanera, La Calzada de Asturias, Tudela Veguín, La Felguera, Sama, El Entrego, Villalegre, Avilés, Renedo.

ACTAIS® Automation is a web platform (own technology) for the remote control and monitoring of electrical, electronic and computer equipment in rooms, enclosures, stations, buildings and other different infrastructures.

The system centralizes and integrates in a single application the visualization, programming of tasks and real-time management of remote devices such as: automatic doors, barriers and other closing mechanisms; Illumination; sensors (motion, temperature, etc .); Electric boards; Alarms; Others.

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