Ecocomputer has put into operation the access control system to the parking lot of the Port Authority of Avilés.

The Port Authority of Avilés has in its office building a parking area, equipped with an entry and exit door, which already had a system access control from the firm Telvent, based on proximity cards.

The Port Authority of Avilés called for implementation of ACTAIS® Ecocomputer system, implemented in the remaining doors of access to port facilities, thus securing facilitate access of employees and consolidate into a single repository access to facilities.

Field elements used

ACTAIS® stainless steel AISI-316 totem poles were installed. Equipped with a customizable user panel, which in this case has weatherproof IP intercom and color information display. The intercoms are part of the network of IP intercom access to the entire port area.

Access to employee vehicles of the Port Authority of Avilés and Mairitme Authority is guaranteed through recognition of vehicle registration. For this we have equipped the installation with two totem poles made of AISI 316 steel with a IR, IP65 camera.

Existing barriers have been maintained, although with the addition of a photoelectric transmitter and receiver to protect vehicles and pedestrians from maneuvers of the barriers that can lead to accidents and injuries.

The system is managed from reception of the Port Authority of Avilés through ACTAIS® FrontOffice, although the Control Centre of the Port Police can assume the management if necessary. To help the control access it has been installed a dome camera Bosch AutoDome 700 in the roof of the building.

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