Ecocomputer has carried out the installation of the ACTAIS System in the Waste Treatment Center of Gongora (Pamplona) with the function to control all vehicle access to the center, both by road and by the scales by an automated barrier system that rises when the license plate is identified.

The access control process can be summarized in the following points:

  • The vehicle is placed on the detection zone (magnetic loop buried in the ground).
  • The LPR camera photographs the license plate and checks against the authorized vehicles database allowing the passage or otherwise applying the system operator manual authorization.
  • After the passage of the vehicle the barrier closes automatically.

The system includes the ACTAIS FrontOffice application that allows recording and processing of access control data. Using this software, the center operators will have control over each door phone and interact with the user in case of an incident. The recorded data of the license plates are used to power the computer application input and output of waste of the Centre.

ACTAIS FrontOffice is a versatile software designed to integrate with existing systems.

Among the closure elements used are the barrier QIK 7EH, traffic light poles, LPR cameras, weatherproof cabinet rack for electronics, auxiliary pushbutton, etc.