Ecocomputer implemented ACTAIS® TA (Time & Attendance software) and ACTAIS® Survey (Quality of Service application) at 6 Canivell service stations:

ACTAIS® TA (Time & Attendance): web tool that has resulted from our extensive experience in the world of the attendance control. It will allow Canivell to have and make use of information on hours worked, schedules, delays, absences, and staff holidays. All in a fast and intuitive manner that saves time and will allow the company's productivity to be increased.

ACTAIS® Survey: data collecting application that will help Canivell to know the level of satisfaction of its customers. This tool analyzes, among other aspects, the shopping experience of the user and its valuation of the services and facilities. The questions and the locations where they will be performed can be defined. Canivell will get relevant conclusions from the data extracted from the surveys.

Canivell is an official distributor of Repsol Lubricantes in Asturias, Lugo, Orense, León, Valladolid y Vizcaya.

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