Consorcio de Residuos V5 – COR is one of 13 consortia in Comunitat Valenciana. COR manages the transfer, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste in the regions of Safor, Vall d’Albaida, la Costera, Canal de Navarrés and Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora. Altogether, COR manages 135,000 tons of MSW per year and provides services to more than 350,000 citizens. The Generalitat Valenciana, the Diputación de Valencia and 93 municipalities integrate the Consortium. 25 fixed centers and 11 mobile ones form the recycling center’s network.

At the end of 2017, within its commitment to the continuous improvement of service to the citizen, and in line with its innovative character, COR launched a “my environmental account” system ("El meu compte environmental"). The aim is to reward the more responsible citizens according to the principle "the one who less pollute, the one who less have to pay".

This implies that citizens with some property in the municipalities belonging to the COR will accumulate points in each of their visits to the recycling centers. So, at the end of each fiscal period, the points accumulated will lead to a reduction in their waste tax. The generated points may also be assigned to one third party, among others, an NGO.

For the implementation of such a system, which involves to have detailed data of the recycling center use (identification of users, deposited waste and quantities, allocation of points), the COR entrusted Ecocomputer to install the solution ACTAIS Waste, as the system to manage the network of 36 recycling centers (managed by the company VYTRUSA, a joint venture of FCC and DIMESA).

ACTAIS Waste is an access control and waste management system which allows the COR not only to reward the citizens, but also determine the real use of the recycling centers, a traceability in the delivery and output of waste, and unattended access to the facility.

In this project the identification of the citizen when accessing the recycling center is done via the electronic DNI or a QR code. It avoids the costly deployment of cards and the hassle to citizens with a new physical means of identification.

The system installed by Ecocomputer is comprised by the following modules:

ACTAIS® Waste Mobile

Recycling center operators make use of ACTAIS® Waste Mobile through an industrial Smartphone to manage the identification of citizens (also businesses and public services), and to manage the entry of waste, as well as to register waste outputs to SIG, to managers and to treatment plants.

ACTAIS® Waste system manages the thresholds applicable to the entry of waste, as well as municipal licenses that allow an expansion of these quantities.

ACTAIS® Waste BackOffice

It is a web application allowing management staff to configure users and permissions, define recycling centers, types of waste, and deposit fees, and to create environmental accounts.

Input data records provide VYTRUSA and COR with statistics that will allow the improvement of the service (e.g. schedule, typology of users - citizens, enterprises, municipal services - and waste deposited). Thus, they have control of all the relevant data in the network.

ACTAIS® Waste FrontOffice

It is an interactive totem installed at the entrance of some recycling centers, which allows unattended management of the facility, through the direct identification of the citizen (electronic ID or QR code).

Finally, within the user-centered strategy, the COR will also implement a customer satisfaction measurement module (ACTAIS® Waste Survey), as well as a mobile app (ACTAIS® Waste Citizen) which will allow citizens to manage their environmental account.

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